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Griz letter #62, August 18, 2014

Griz Letter #62 August 18, 2014

Mixed signals by governments and Central banks caused increased volatility last week as investors try to weed through the rhetoric.
• One day after stating the desire for peace, unconfirmed reports Friday of an incursion by Russian forces into the Ukraine caused E-mini investors to liquidate positions.
• Will gold hold any of the gains it made because of geo-political tensions?
• Will crude oil continue to fall as airstrikes are increased in Iraq?
• Where is the bottom for natural gas?

Griz letter #61, August 11, 2014

Griz Letter #61 August 11, 2014

The health of the consumer will be the focus this week when retail sales and other government reports are released.
• With the announcement of a potential deal to stop the fighting in the Ukraine, will the E-mini hold onto the gains made on Friday?
• What will the easing of geo-political tensions mean for gold?
• What will the easing of tensions mean for crude?
• Will Natural gas dip before we start to rally?

Griz Letter #60 August 4, 2014

Griz Letter #60 August 4, 2014

After a multitude of government reports and company earnings last week, the upcoming one will have much less, but will that mean less volatility?
• Now that the E-Mini has traded 1910 has it found a bottom?
• As tensions in Israel subside, what will it mean for gold?
• Crude oil has lost 7% in value in the last 2 weeks, is now the time to buy?
• What will a third miss in supply injections mean for natural gas?

Griz Letter #59 July 28,2014

Griz Letter #59 July 28, 2014

Besides the employment number that will be released on Friday, an
avalanche of government reports and earnings releases will dominate financial
headlines this week.

. Was the selloff in the S&P on Friday a one day event or the start of
something bigger?
. Gold traded above $1300, will it hold?
. Why did crude bounce from what looked like technical breakdown?
. Has natural gas bottomed?

In a flash the summer that was quiet is starting to heat up. Analysts and firms

Griz letter #58 July 21, 2014

Griz Letter #58 July 21, 2014

The market was chugging along quietly, and then all hell broke loose.
• Will the E-mini continue to show strength in the midst of so much geo-political uncertainty?
• Does gold have any catalyst that will take it higher?
• Can crude oil continue to rally?
• Did we see the bottom for Nat gas?

Griz Letter #57 July 14, 2014

Griz Letter #57 July14, 2014

Griz letter #55 June 23, 2014

Griz Letter #55 June 23, 2014

Many government reports to watch for this week, and we still have the situation in Iraq.
• Will the E-mini make its way to 2000 or are headwinds approaching?
• If the situation in Iraq continues, but production in the south is not threatened, can we rally?
• Is gold truly the safe haven play or is this just a technical bounce?
• Will natural gas production keep up with demand?

Griz letter #54 June 16, 2014

Griz Letter #54 June 16, 2014

Will news out of Iraq dominate markets this week?
• Will Fed action and the deteriorating situation in Iraq cause investors to sell the Mini?
• Will crude continue the move higher as rebels move closer to Baghdad?
• Will gold rally further as geopolitical issues flare up around the world?
• Temperatures will feel summer like this week in the northeast, what will it mean for natural gas prices?

Griz letter #53 June 9, 2014

Griz Letter #53 June 9, 2014

Will the action by the ECB and the good employment number carry the E-mini higher, and what will the affect be on gold and crude oil?
• Now that the E-mini is within striking distance of 2000, how long will it take to get there?
• Will gold find a bid now that the economy is showing signs of improvement?
• Will crude oil follow the S&P higher?
• Natural Gas looking a bit overdone to the upside on the charts, will we go higher from here?

Griz Letter #52 June 2, 2014

Griz Letter #52 June 2, 2014
A slew of government reports topped off by the unemployment number Friday will determine price movements this week.
• If the jobs number fails to meet expectations what happens to the E-mini?
• Will gold find support in anticipation of the jobs number?
• Will crude break out of the recent range it has set?
• As temperatures reach summer like levels does Natural gas have more room to the upside?


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