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Into the Futures, December 7, 2015

Into The Futures – December 7, 2015

If the jobs number were the only indicator then the Fed would have a green light.

• Does last week’s equity trading signal the rate hike is factored into prices?
• Now that OPEC has admitted it cheats on its quota will member nations produce more?
• Why did gold continue to rally after the dollar stopped its fall?
• Will natural gas break from its recent range?

Into the Futures November 30, 2015

Into The Futures- November 30, 2015

Meetings, data points and decisions will be on tap for the upcoming week.

• Will the ECB act before the Fed?
• Will OPEC curtail its overproduction which now stands at 2.5 mbd, when they meet Friday?
• How soon before gold hits $1000?
• When will natural gas prices rally from their low levels?

Into the Futures November 23, 2015

Into The Futures- November 23, 2015

Equities are rallying and bond yields are falling, not the moves an investor would expect if a rate hike were imminent.

• A slew of government data will be available this week for the Fed to chew on as it ponders a hike.
• December crude oil expired weak on Friday does that mean January will follow suit?
• Gold prices held the area under $1070 does that signal prices will start to move higher?
• Last week December natural gas traded to lows not seen in years, will the weakness continue?

Into the Futures November 16, 2015

Into The Futures- November 16, 2015

What Impact will the terrorist attacks in Paris have on markets covered?

• Many data points will be released this week for the Fed to weigh as they grapple with the decision to raise rates.
• Will crude prices be impacted by the events in Paris?
• In the past gold has rallied due to geopolitical incidents, will this time be different?
• Is natural gas poised to break the $2 level?

Into the Futures November 9, 2015

Into The Futures- November 9, 2015

Does the strong jobs number on Friday signal it is now definite the Fed will raise rates in December?

• Is a rate hike factored into equity prices?
• Will the dollar be the catalyst that pushes crude oil below $40 per barrel?
• Is there any reason to trade gold from the long side?
• Will temperatures be supportive of natural gas prices or will they be the cause of a price drop?

Into the Futures November 2, 2015

Into The Futures- November 2, 2015

Do GDP numbers matter anymore?

• Earnings, government reports and the jobs number will be released this week can investors continue to shrug off poor results?
• Crude oil supplies continue to build but will geo-political issues keep the market supported?
• What’s next for the price of gold now that the October deadline to raise rates has passed?
• Natural gas was routed last week are we overdone to the downside?

Into the Futures --October 19, 2015

Into The Futures- October 19, 2015

Can commodities and equities rally at the same time?

• Do earnings matter?
• Will crude oil be range bound between $45 and $51?
• Is gold poised to trade $1200?
• Will natural gas prices break 240 this week?

Into the Futures --October 12, 2015

Into The Futures- October 12, 2015

Will the Fed raise interest rates at the end of October?

• Has the Fed lost credibility over its indecision concerning rate hikes?

• Now that crude oil has traded to the 200 day MA, is there more room to the upside?

• Why is gold rallying along with equities?

• When natural gas traded 240 last week did it represent a price bottom?

Into the Futures --October 5, 2015

Into The Futures- October 5, 2015

Will the release of the poor jobs number last Friday force the Fed to delay an interest rate hike till 2016?

• The last earnings period of the year is upon us, what are expectations for US companies?
• Crude oil supplies built but production dropped, which will have the bigger influence on prices?
• Will gold continue the pattern of “make highs, selloff and make highs again”?
• Where is the major support for natural gas under the 240 level?

Into the Futures September 28, 2015

Into The Futures- September 28, 2015

In a speech by Janet Yellen last week she reiterated the Fed is on track to raise rates this year. The question is do investors believe her?

• Will this week’s release of economic government data reports have any sway with the Fed as it grapples with the decision of whether to raise rates?
• What will it take for crude oil to break its recent range?
• Should gold investors worry concerning the tone of the Fed chairs speech?
• Is there more room to the downside for natural gas prices?


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